Many people do not want to think about writing a Will and dying. Unfortunately, by doing so, they also choose to forget the significant consequences of their actions on those who will survive them.


An Estate includes everything you own (real property or personal property) as well as any liabilities. If you are married in community of property, you and your spouse each own half of an undivided joint estate. It cannot be separated. If you have a Will you can direct how your assets are to be distributed among particular beneficiaries.


We strive to protect and grow the assets and wealth of our clients in the unfortunate event of death. We will continue to protect and grow the inheritance of our clients' loved ones, thereby ensuring the wealth and legacy of the next generation.

All our offices are closed until 3 May 2020 (or as determined by the President of RSA) because of the National lockdown, which came into effect at midnight on 26 March 2020.

It is business as usual at Efficient Board of Executors, except for certain aspects which are affected due to dependence on the Master’s office, Deeds office and other businesses that are not operational. Personnel who are able to, are operating remotely, but some have limited or no access to e-mails during this time. Please keep in mind that access to physical files in our offices are also not possible during this time.

We can be contacted on the following numbers, should the need arise:

JHB: 010 210 5200 / 086 172 2626
CPT: 021 914 0835

Please be assured of our total dedication during these unusual circumstances. We will always try our best to be of service to you.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy. #FlattenTheCurve


A Will should be duly signed by the testator and two independent witnesses. However, in abnormal circumstances like the national lockdown due to COVID-19, it will depend on a court to declare the Will valid or not, should it not meet the normal requirements. During this time, keep the signed Will in safe custody until our offices are open again and then ensure that the original is couriered or delivered for safe keeping. Read more on Wills.

Should you need funds for a funeral, contact the deceased’s bank and request them to release funds for the funeral in terms of section 7(b)(1) and 11(1)(b) of the Estates Administration Act 66 of 1966. Should they refuse, contact your nearest Master’s office. Read more on deceased estates.


The ultimate solution in Asset Protection

One of the core, but often neglected, aspects of financial planning entails the development of a comprehensive estate plan. In certain instances this could be as simple as ensuring that your last Will and Testament is adequately structured to cater for the future needs of your family, whereas in other instances, significantly more complex structuring is required during your lifetime. Efficient BOE is your access to extensive expertise and capabilities in fiduciary services, enabling you to create an estate plan to cater to your specific and ever changing needs and circumstances.

Efficient Board of Executors (Efficient BOE) subscribes to FISA’s mission and operating philosophy, at all times upholding the integrity and honour of its profession.

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